Daniel Wentzel
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Prof. Dr.

Daniel Wentzel


School of Business and Economics



Building: 3011

Room: 408

Kackertstr. 7

52072 Aachen



Daniel Wentzel was born in Bonn in 1978. He has held the Chair of Marketing in the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University since spring 2011. Daniel Wentzel studied business administration at the University of Cologne and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. In 2008, he received his doctoral degree from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. From 2008 to 2011, he worked as an assistant professor at that university and received his post-doctoral Habilitation degree in 2010. As part of his research program, he has worked together with many companies from the automobile, retailing, and financial services industries.


Research Interests

  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumer acceptance and adoption of Innovations
  • Product design
  • Service and brand management

Possible Cooperations

  • Product design as a means of emotional differentiation and communication of technical characteristics
  • Development of communication strategies for complex technical innovations
  • Development of brand strategies and brand strategy implementation
  • Customer focused design of product and service lines