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Dr. rer. pol., Universitätsprofessor

Wolfgang Breuer

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Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insbes. Betriebliche Finanzwirtschaft


Building: Sammelbau 1050

Room: 416

Templergraben 64

52056 Aachen

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Wolfgang Breuer was born in 1966 in Cologne. He studied business administration at the Universities of Siegen and Cologne, gaining a doctoral degree and a post-doctoral Habilitation degree from the latter. In 1995, Wolfgang Breuer obtained the Chair of Business Administration at the University of Bonn and, in 2000, he joined RWTH Aachen University, where he has since held the Chair of Business Administration and Finance.


Research Interests

  • Corporate Valuation/Capital Budgeting, for example Construction of Power Plants
  • Financing Decisions, for example Household Finance, Behavioral Finance
  • Capital Market Theory, in particular Portfolio Management and Currency Management
  • Real Estate Finance

Possible Cooperations

  • Valuation of small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Valuation of ultra-long investments like infrastructure projects
  • Time and uncertainty preferences as determinants of decisions
  • Cultural impact on finance decisions
  • Sustainability in finance