Christian Hopp studied business administration at universities in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. He holds a Doctoral degree in Quantitative Economics and Finance from the University of Konstanz, a Master in Business Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, and a Master in Financial Management from the Rotterdam School of Management, the Netherlands.

Prior to joining RWTH Aachen University in August 2013, he was an Assistant Professor at the University of Vienna, Austria. His research encompasses various areas ranging from Venture Capital Financing, Human Resource Management, to Entrepreneurship.


Research Interests

  • Entrepreneurship and New Venture Emergence
  • Entrepreneurial Founding Processes
  • Business Planning and Entrepreneurial Financing
  • Venture Capital Financing and Syndication

Possible Cooperations

  • Evaluation of development shemes for foundation activities
  • Institutional frameworks for foundation decisions
  • Business plans for foundation processes
  • Entrepreneurial financing
  • Knowledge transfere through venture capital financing