Project House IMP


Motivation and Objectives

Experience at internationally renowned universities of technology demonstrates that the search for innovative technologies is considerably enhanced if supplemented by an assessment of the resulting innovations' socio-economic consequences and commercial viability.

With the IMP Project House, the Faculty of Business and Economics fostered the interdisciplinary cooperation between management science, economics, and the core research areas of RWTH Aachen University.

Therefore three strategic objectives were set:

  • to establish an institutional framework that fosters the systematic interdisciplinary cooperation between management science, economics and the engineering sciences
  • to reshape the profile of the faculty of business and economics towards a stronger focus on topics of interdisciplinary relevance
  • to serve as a basis for interdisciplinary activities of researchers in management science and economics, thus strengthening the interdisciplinary culture at the RWTH Aachen University.

The goals of IMP Project House were twofold: First, research projects supported the core areas of RWTH Aachen University, i.e. engineering sciences. Second, they led to excellent contributions in the field of management and economics.



The IMF is expanding on the success of the IMP project house from the first phase of the Excellence Initiative. This included the faculty's research program within the Institutional Strategy I.

The following goals were attained between 2007 and 2011:

  • IMP contributed to the implementation of interdisciplinary projects, completed by 80 percent of the faculty's involved researchers with colleagues from engineering and the natural sciences. Many of the projects have already been turned into larger projects financed by external partners. The acquired external funding for the faculty amounts to almost half of the national average for the discipline.
  • The faculty has increase its visibility internationally. The was a result of strengthened participation at international conferences, as well as the face that almost 80 percent of the publications were written in English.
  • The faculty has four research areas defined to address global challenges. This has led to improved collaboration within the faculty.
  • The excellence of the teachng was recognized through a AACSB accreditation. This will further increase the visibility of the faculty and the attractiveness for international students.

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