The Project House IMF as Part of the Institutional Strategy II


Fostering Interdisciplinary Research

RWTH Aachen University aims at pioneering emerging research areas of global and societal relevance. Most of these research areas are of an interdisciplinary nature. For this reason, it is essential for RWTH to support its researchers in identifying, establishing, promoting, and eventually maintaining research areas in interdisciplinary growth areas from the initial exploration of new ideas to the creation of research centers.

These measures promote a closer integration of and collaboration between the different disciplines, such as Engineering, Natural Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, and Medicine, towards an "Integrated Interdisciplinary University of Technology". To achieve these goals, a structured strategic process has been established.


Project House Interdisciplinary Management Factory

IMF Placement within the Institutional Strategy II © RWTH Aachen University


The new designed project house IMF is part of the measures for fostering interdisciplinary research at RWTH Aachen University.

We invite you to visit the sites of the project house IMF for further, detailed information about the objectives and measures of IMF.