Operations Research and Management (ORM)


This particular Research Area reflects a blend of the School’s traditional quantitative approach and contemporary management situations, which are complex and networked. Operations Research does not only unite fundamentally different disciplines but also combines practical application with basic research. Today, the disciplines of computer science and mathematics are no longer assigned supportive roles but have become an integrated component of contemporary management and economics disciplines. This specific Research Area will involve increased collaboration with other Schools and Faculties of RWTH Aachen University and will, ideally, also lead to enhanced interdisciplinarity in their teaching activities, helping to ‘blur the edges’ between the different disciplines even further. Applications will be found in numerous optimization tasks in the fields of engineering, logistics, health care, and also in various other Research Areas of the School, such as mobility and sustainability. Our goal is to develop this particular Research Area into an Operations Research Center with an excellent international reputation.

The website of the ORM Research Area