Managerial and Organizational Economics (MOE)


How can firms operate successfully in the market? This is one of the key questions addressed by economics. During the course of globalization and the emergence of new organizational forms, the ‘rules of business’ have also changed, so that now – more than ever before – it is imperative that firms and their markets are not analyzed in isolation of each other. Managerial economics and organizational economics are of equal relevance, and an interdisciplinary approach is imperative. In this particular Research Area, the School’s Chairs of business and of economics will be working together on topics such as corporate governance, organizational design and strategies for internationalization. Other key research focuses include the analysis of incentive agreements and the motivation, management and leadership of employees in organizations. On the basis of new theoretical findings and utilizing a meticulous economic analysis coupled with an evidence-based approach, a solid foundation will be created to facilitate a deeper understand of organizations in different environments. The ultimate goal is the formulation of concrete recommendations for enhancing the success of firms.

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