IMF Conference 2014


The complexity and variety of the global challenges that our society faces today require new approaches to cope with the involved problems. In order to develop solutions for these global challenges we have to overcome traditional thought patterns and develop new interdisciplinary approaches.

At the second IMF conference we continued the successful exchange between business sciences and other scientific fields. The conference focused on the roadmaps of the new RWTH Aachen University profile areas.

The objectives of the 2014 IMF conference therefore were:

  • Presentation and reflection of the roadmaps from a business perspective
  • Further initiation and deduction of possible interdisciplinary research projects and cooperation
  • And networking with scientists and practitioners

During the plenary sessions the four Profile Areas “Production and Engineering”, short ProdE, Medical Science and Technology, short MedST, Energy, Chemicals & Process Engineering, short ECPE, and Mobility & Transport Engineering, short MTE, presented their roadmaps.

During the interactive workshops that followed, out participants had the opportunity to exchange and generate ideas about recent topics and project ideas.

We want to thank all the participants of the IMF conference 2014.

We are looking forward to a successful continuation in fall 2015!